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Our Partners Proclaim the Miracles of God

No More Hospice

The prayer of faith has saved my life. Five months ago the doctor told me I was dying! I was put in hospice care, given three to twelve months to live, and told to make my final arrangements.

I wasn’t willing to accept that, so I began to read your book on healing Scriptures…and I began praying, praying, praying. Four months went by and I held fast to the Word of God. Now I’m healed and I don’t need hospice care!

Gilberto from Texas

No Kidney Transplant for My Son

My son Reuben’s kidneys were failing, and he needed dialysis while he settled in to wait for a transplant. Before he began the long, drawn-out process, I called Richard Roberts and the Abundant Life Prayer Group for prayer. I knew God could turn it all around. When Reuben went back in for more tests, he learned that not only did he need no dialysis, but he didn’t need a transplant either. His kidneys are healed! Praise the Lord!

Doris from Colorado

A Clean Bill of Health…

Cancer-free…No More Insulin!

We received awful news—my father had been diagnosed with prostate cancer and only had a couple of months to live! He’d been insulin-dependent for some time, but this was another issue entirely. I called Richard Roberts the Abundant Life Prayer Group in my time of need.

After much prayer, my father returned to his doctor for further testing. When he asked, “Well, Doc, how am I doing?” the doctor said, “Your prostate is a little enlarged, but there’s no cancer! And by the way, you won’t need to take insulin anymore!” Our whole family is rejoicing over his clean bill of health, the faithfulness of the Lord, and answered prayer.

John from Florida

A New Heart for My Husband

My husband, Roger, was in serious trouble. A virus was attacking his heart. Doctors discovered that only a third of his heart was functioning.

Roger’s heart had become dangerously enlarged to compensate for the lack of muscle. There was nothing doctors could do to revive the dead tissue, and we were told he wouldn’t be able to survive much longer with less than half of a functioning heart. I called the Abundant Life Prayer Group from the waiting room to agree in prayer for a miracle.

Late one night, God gave me a specific Scripture to claim for my husband. “I will give them an undivided heart and put a new spirit in them; I will remove from them their heart of stone and give them a heart of flesh” (Ezekiel 11:19 NIV). When I read that word, my feet “were set to dancing!” The doctors had said Roger would only get worse if medication was unable to stop the virus, but I trusted the Word of God and continually sought Him for a miracle.

Five months later, my husband went in for an appointment, and the doctor was amazed to find that his heart had reduced to its normal size! The doctor said in the 25 years he’d been practicing medicine, he had never seen such a drastic change. His heart is normal now and he’s in perfect health.

Reesa from Oklahoma

I Can Hear Clearly Now

From the time I was a baby, I’ve had a problem with fluid in my ear. It constantly drained and caused hearing problems—loud noises hurt and the sound I could hear was muffled. But I became accustomed to it and just learned to use my “good” ear to listen to others.

While watching The Hour of Healing one night, I heard Richard speak about God healing someone’s ear. I thought about it, but didn’t see my situation as that bad. I’d just gotten used to my problem. I started agreeing with Richard Roberts in prayer to heal other people, when all of a sudden the Lord told me that He wanted to heal me. Right then, I believed for the total healing of my ear and placed a prayer cloth over my ear as a point of contact.

Suddenly I felt the presence of God come upon me. A warm feeling poured over me from my ear down to my neck. From that moment on, I felt different. I’ve had no more drainage and my hearing is just fine! I believe that by sowing into the kingdom of God—when I prayed for others’ ears to be healed—I reaped a miracle of healing in return.

Joann from Louisiana

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